Ordinance Enforcement Office

Carl Fulmer

The City of Guntersville Ordinance Enforcement Office, which is part of the Guntersville Police Department, handles complaints and violations observed by citizens, businesses and city employees. The Ordinance Enforcement Office is divided into two separate offices, business licenses and city ordinances.

The City of Guntersville Ordinance Enforcement Officer receives, investigates and enforces the following ordinances:

  • Buildings
  • Business License
  • Inoperable Vehicles
  • House Numbers
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Signs
  • Taxes
  • Trash and Junk

If you have a complaint, please call Carl Fulmer at (256) 571-7598. In order to expedite the ordinance enforcement process, please have the following information available when you call:

  • Your name, address and telephone number
  • What violation you are calling in regards to
  • The property owners name, address and telephone number where the violation exists
  • When did the violation occur or start
  • Has this violation happened in the past (if known)

Once your violation complaint has been received, it will be investigated and the appropriate actions will take place to correct the violation. Our Ordinance Enforcement Officer has specific guidelines to follow to remedy the problem; therefore the violation may not be corrected immediately. Please understand that we want to work with the public and residents of Guntersville to resolve all complaints and violations. It is the city’s policy to allow the landowner to remedy the problem once they have been made aware of the violation. If they fail to act, the city will take further legal action to correct the problem.